CMA K. Sanyasi Rao   2015- 16

·         Regional CMA Summit – 2015 was held at Visakhapatnam on 27th and 28th November, 2015 on the Theme ‘Cost and Management Accountant (CMA) – A Game Change in Strengthening the National Economy through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources’

·         Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Visakhapatnam Chapter was held on 20th February, 2016, at its premises which was inaugurated by Dr. K. Hari Babu, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Visakhapatnam.


·         SIRC of ICAI’s Women’s Wing, on the 150th Anniversary of International Women’s Day organised National Woman CMA Summit – 2016 on the Theme ‘Women – A Key Player in Socio-Economic Development’ on 8th March, 2016 at Chennai.

·         Regional Council took a new initiative to create interests in the thought process of Students and the programme is titled as ‘Look at CMA’.  The whole idea is to demonstrate to the students the practical approach in evolving a costing system and a cost sheet which is in a way a decision support tool.

·         CFO/HR Summit to deliberate on ‘Conversion of Potential Talent to Required Talent’ was held on 5th September, 2015 at Chennai.

·         State Level Students’ Fest were held at Chennai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam Bangalore  and Coimbatore.

CMA K. Sanyasi Rao.JPG

CMA H. Padmanabhan   2014 – 15

·         Regional Cost Convention 2013-14 on the Theme ‘Emerging Sectoral Perspectives – Global CMA Professional’ was held on 18th and 19th April, 2014 at Chennai.

·         Tamil Nadu Practicing Cost Accountants Conclave – 2014 (TNPCA Conclave) was held on 16th August, 2014.

·         ICAI – SIRC Telugu Nadu CMA Convention was held on 19th and 20th September 2014 at Visakhapatnam which was organised by Visakhapatnam and Ukkunagaram Chapter.

·         CMA Summit 2014-15 with the Theme ‘Make in India – Role of CMAs’ was held  on 19th and 20th December, 2014 at Thiruvananthapuram.  This Summit was the first time made LIVE through webcast facilities for those who could not make it to the venue personally. 

·         National Cost Convention – 2015 on the Theme ‘Powering Economic Growth through Cost and Management Accounting’ was held on 31st January and 1st February, 2015 at Hyderabad.

·         Tamil Nadu Practicing Cost Accountants Conclave – 2014 (TNPCA Conclave) was held on 16th August, 2014 at Chennai

·         ICAI – SIRC Telugu Nadu CMA Convention was held on 19th and 20th September 2014 at Visakhapatnam which was organised by Visakhapatnam and Ukkunagaram Chapter.

·         ICAI – SIRC Kerala CMA Conclave was held on 27th September, 2014, organised by Kottayam Chapter during which Seminar on ‘Companies Act 2014’ was conducted.

·         Tamil Nadu CMA Convention – 2014 was organised at Chennai on 14th and 15th November, 2014 on the Theme  ‘Role of CMAs in Strategic Planning for Infrastructure Development in Tamil Nadu’

·         ICAI – SIRC Karnataka CMA Convention on the Theme ‘Role of CMA’s in Industrial Growth and Service Sector in the State of Karnataka’ was held at Bangalore on 7th and 8th February, 2015

·         ICAI – SIRC Pondicherry CMA Convention on the Theme ‘Make in India – Empowering Industries and Trade’ was held on 9th February, 2015 at Puducherry

·         Women’s Wing Work Station was declared open on 16th August, 2014 by CMA V. Kalyanaraman, Forper President, ICAI & SAFA, at SIRC of ICAI.

·         As part of cost effectiveness, ICAI – SIRC went off with hard copy publication of Newsletter which was released once in a quarter and released its First E-Bulletin in October, 2014.

·         ICAI – SIRC launched ‘CMA Laboratory’ which is also called as ‘CMA Lab’ on 28th February, 2015 at its premises,  in order to enable the CMA Members to acquaint themselves with practical hands-on sessions held by experts in the respective field to familiarize the participants in the E-Filing process.

·         ICAI – SIRC Woman’s Wing Celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March, 2015 at its premises with Woman CMA’s participating from all over South.

·         The Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), Govt. of India Project was implemented by the Govt. of Kerala with the introduction of ICAI CAT Course, which paved way for admission of nearly 10,000 students as of now into our Course.

·         Women’s Wing Work Station was declared open on 16th August, 2014 by CMA V. Kalyanaraman, Forper President, ICAI & SAFA, at SIRC of ICAI.

·         At ICAI – SIRC, the modernization of the Class Rooms with all infrastructure facilities were completed as per the directives of the ICAI – HQ.

·         State Level Students’ Conventions were held at Visakhapatnam, Coimbatore, Cochin, Chennai. Grand Finale of CMA Students Fest 2015 named as ‘Pragati 2015’ was held at Cochin on 21st February, 2015.

CMA H. Padmanabhan.jpg

CMA P.Raju Iyer2013-14

·         Oral Coaching Inaugural programme was  held on 4th January, 2014 during which Swami Vivekananda Rathams were honoured at the Institute Premises.

·         Renovated Library was inaugurated in September 2013. 

·         One Day Training Programme on 'Salient Features - Companies Act 2013' was  organised in February, 2014 for  Govt. of Tamil Nadu Officials.

·         Regional Cost Convention 2013-14 on the Theme “Emerging Sectoral Perspectives -  Global CMA Professional” was held on 18th and 19th April, 2014 at Chennai.

·         Three  Day Training Programme for the Middle-level Officials of State Public Sector Undertakings / Statutory Boards, Govt. of Tamil Nadu was arranged by SIRC   from 1st July to 3rd July 2014 at Anna Institute of Management, Chennai.


G.V.S. Subrahmanyam   2012-13

·         ICAI offered to provide skill training with a view to mould a student to become an Accounting Technician through a course called CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) in Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP) promoted by Govt. of Kerala.

·         Chain Seminars on ‘Cost Audit’ in various industries were organised at SIRC.

·         Regional Cost Convention on the Theme “Emerging Trends in Costing and Pricing” was held on 21st and 22nd December, 2012 at Hyderabad.

·         Students’ Fest titled “Cost Fest – 2013” was organised on 17th February, 2013 at SIRC.

·         National CMA Practitioner’s Convention was held on 23rd February, 2013 at Chennai.


B R Prabhakar   2011-12

·         New CMA Extension Centres have been opened at Sri Sankara Arts & Science College, Enathur, Kanchipuram and Kannur, Kottayam.  

·         ‘Meet the Mentor’  Programme was organised for benefit of CMA Students on 7th August 2011 and 8th February, 2012.

·         National Students’ Fest titled “ Yuvonmesha – 2011” held on 20th and 21st September, 2011 which was inaugurated by Dr. M. Veerappa Moily, Hon’ble Union Minister of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

·         Institute – Industry Education Programme was organised at Wipro BPO Ltd.,  Chennai on 21st November, 2011.

·         ‘10 Days Spoken English and Business Communication Skills Training’  was conducted by M/s VETA Corporation, a reputed English Language Training Institute, Chennai for CMA Students of SIRC in December 2011.

·         Regional Cost Convention on the Topic “Dynamics of Indian Economy – CMA as a Catalyst” was held on 20th and 21st January, 2012 at Bangalore.

·         Smart Class Rooms and Other Facilities at SIRC were inaugurated on 24th June, 2012.


Dr. I. Ashok     2010-11

·         National Cost Convention was held at Chennai on 6th, 7th & 8th January, 2011 on the Theme “New Enterprise Challenges – Sustainability & Value Creation”.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Madurai on 29th and 30th October, 2010 on the Theme “ Cost Strategies Towards Inclusive Growth and Governance”

·         2nd CMA Global Management Accounting Summit – 2010 was held at Colombo during 29th, 30th June and 1st July 2010 in which  S/shri G.N. Venkataraman, President – ICWAI and A.N. Raman, Vice President – SAFA addressed the delegates on the topic ‘Strategy for CMA Regional Bodies”.

·         As per the directives of MCA more number of programmes on ‘India Corporate Week’ and ‘Investor Awareness Programmes’ were successfully conducted by SIRC.

·         New CMA Extension Centres have been opened to impart Coaching for Foundation Course at MOP Vaishnav College for Women.

·         The Oral Coaching Student Strength touched its peak during July – Dec 2011 Session.


Mr. A.V.N.S. Nageswara Rao 2009-10

·         Regional Cost Convention was held  on 4th and 5th December, 2009 at Hyderabad.  The Theme of the Convention was “Business Strategies for Economic Revival – Role of Management Accountants”.

·         Fourth S. Ganapathisubramanian Memorial Lecture was organised on 19th December, 2009 at Chennai. Dr. Raef Lawson, Vice President – Research and Professor-In-Residence, Institute of Management Accountants, USA delivered the lecture on ‘Best Practices in Cost and Profitability Systems’.

·         National Conference on ‘Cost Audit-Enterprise Governance’ was organised by The Institute of Public Enterprise in association with ICWAI at Hyderabad and Bangalore on 13-11-2009 and 20-02-2010 respectively.

·         As per the directives of MCA a sizeable number of programmes on ‘India Corporate Week’ and ‘Investor Awareness Programmes’ were successfully conducted by SIRC at multiple locations  throughout the Southern Region.

·         Inauguration of Green Initiative at SIRC was held on 22nd February, 2010 by Shri R. Bandyopadhyay, I.A.S., Secretary –Ministry of Corporate Affairs, New Delhi.

·         An exclusive Staff Training Programme was organised on 26th January, 2010.

·         More number of Professional Development Meetings,  Seminars and Workshops were conducted for the benefit of our members both in Practice and Service.


Mr. A. Om Prakash   2008-09

·         Regional Cost Convention was held in December, 2008 at Bangalore.  Theme -  ‘Strategies for Managing Economic Uncertainties – Cost and Management Accountant  as a Facilitator’.

·         Joint Programmes with various Southern Chapters were organised.

·         Practice Enrichment Seminar especially designed for Practitioners  held  at Cochin  in  May, 2009.

·         An exclusive Members’ Meet was organised in  June, 2009 at Chennai in which apart from the members, their family members also actively participated in all the events.  Past Presidents/Chairmen (Southern Region) and  leaders of Industry and Senior Members  were honoured. 


Mr. Sunil Chacko     2007-08

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Cochin in December, 2007. Theme  - ‘Management Accounting – Driving Stake Holders Value’ .

·         SIRC of ICWAI contributed significantly towards organizing the first ever ‘Global Summit’  on Management Accounting in January, 2008 at New Delhi.

·         The Second Ganapathisubramanian Memorial Lecture held in   January, 2008 at Chennai addressed by Prof. Okano Hiroshi,  Osaka State University, Japan.

·         ‘Strategic Planning and Leadership Training’ was organised in February, 2008.  

·         A One day Orientation Programme   for the benefit of Staff of SIRC at a Resort at Mahabalipuram in May, 2008.

·         The Renovated state of the art Administrative Block at SIRC was inaugurated in June, 2008.


Mr. D.L.S. Sreshti   2006-07 

·         Renovated Management Hall of SIRC was inaugurated in September, 2006 by Shri Gopal Srinivasan, Joint Managing Director, Sundaram Clayton Ltd.,  Chennai.

·         National Cost Convention  held at Hyderabad in January 2007.  Theme –

o    ‘ Accelerating the Economic Growth – Unlocking Value by Management Accountants’, inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. C. Rengarajan, Chairman, Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Coimbatore in March, 2007. Theme -  ‘Enterprise Excellence and Value Creation through Management Accounting’.

·         A Memorial Fund was created in memory of Late Shri S. Ganapathisubramanian and the First Memorial Lecture was delivered by Mr. Steve Vieweg, President and CEO, CMA – Canada.

·         First ever time Full Time Oral Coaching Classes was inaugurated.


Mr. R. Narayanan     2005 – 06

·         An All India Students’ Meet held in September, 2005  -  Chennai.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Chennai on the Theme ‘ Convergence’  for Business Excellence in January, 2006  ,  inaugurated by Ms. Mallika Srinivasan, Director, Tractor and Farm Equipments Limited,  Chennai.

·         Cost Carnival  held at Chennai - Theme ‘Strategic Initiatives in Cost Management’  in  March, 2006,   inaugurated by Shri V. Kalyanaraman, Past President – SAFA & ICWAI.

·         A Campus Recruitment Programme was organised in  March, 2006.  

·         Initiated efforts to appoint Dean for Coaching Activities.


P.S.M.  Hameed    2004 -05

·         A One day Seminar on ‘Transfer Pricing’ was held at Chennai in November, 2004   inaugurated by Shri Binoy Gupta,Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai.

·         A Joint Seminar was organised on the topic ‘ Corporate Governance – Disclosures and SEBI’  along with the Institute of Company Secretaries  in December, 2004.

·         The Regional Cost Convention was held at Historic City of Trichy in February, 2005. Theme -  ‘Cost Modelling in Contemporary Streams’.

·         A Diamond Jubilee Seminar on the Theme ‘ Competing with the Global Economy’   organised in  April, 2005 at Chennai.


S. Gopalan       2003 – 04

·         Regional Cost Convention  in January, 2004 at Madurai.   Theme -  “ Building up Cost Competitiveness under the WTO Environment”.

·         Workshop on “ Cost Accounting Record Rules – Automotive Components” was organised.

·         Cost Accountants appointed to Regional Advisory Committees of Central Excise Commissionerates in Southern Region.

·         Chairman, Practitioners’ Convention in the 41st National Cost Convention in 1999 atChennai – Theme: “Role of Cost Accounting  the Emerging Scenario”

·         Organised Cost Carnival – 2004 in March 2004 at Chennai – Theme: “Management and Evaluation of Business Performance”.


Mr. K.Ch.A.V.S.N. Murthy      2002 - 03

·         44th National Cost Convention  held  in  Jan 2003 at  Chennai .  Theme -  “Globalising Management Accounting – Paradigms for New Economic Order”. Inaugurated  by His Excellency Shri P.S. Ram Mohan Rao, Governor, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held in  November 2002 at Hyderabad.

·         Bankers’ Meet was held at Chennai and it was  Inaugurated by Smt. Ranjana Kumar, Chairperson and Managing Director, Indian Bank, Chennai.


Mr. S. Ramesh -   2001 - 02

·         Regional Cost Convention in November, 2001 at Bangalore .   Theme -  “Managing Chaos – Business Cycles & the Role of Cost and Management Accountants”.

·         Seminar on ‘US Gaap, Kaizen Costing, WTO: Pact and Impact etc. were successfully conducted.

·         Cost Carnival 2002  was conducted at Chennai in  March, 2002.

·         Submission of Memorandum regarding “The Need and Role of Cost and Management Accountants” to the Southern States Ministers. 


Mr. S. Ramanathan  -  10-06-2001  -  28-07-2001

·         Seminar on “Transfer Pricing” was held  at Hotel Connemara in July 2001.

·         Liaison with various  Chambers of Commerce & Industry to promote to Professional Development Activities.

·         Took initiative in Career Counselling.


Mr. A.S. Durga Prasad   -   12-03-2000 -  10-06-2001

·         Regional Cost Convention was held in  November 2000 at Hyderabad.    Theme -   “Towards World Class Management Accounting”.

·         The Mou signed between SIRC of ICWAI  and IIT was renewed.

·         Chain Seminar on “ Information Technology – New Trends” was held during 13/5/2000 – 10/6/2000


Mr. P.V.S. Jagan Mohan Rao     1999 – 11-3-2000

·         Regional Cost Convention was held in January 2000 at Tirupathi.   Theme -  “ The Role of Professional Managers in e-business”.

·         Chain Seminar on “Total Corporate Management”  was conducted between  9th Oct 1999 – 4th Dec 1999 (on all Saturdays ) at Chennai.

·         Govt. of Tamilnadu Gazette Notification Dt.7/12/2000  was issued indicating the  inclusion of  Cost Accountants for Certification under TNGST Act 1959.


Mr. D. Sudhakaran Nair -  1998 - 99

·         41st National Cost Convention was held in  April, 1999 at    Chennai.    Theme -  “ Cost Management Technologies in the Emerging Information Era” .  The Convention was naugurated by Hon’ble Justice V.S. Sirpurkar,  then Judge, Chennai High Court.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held in  Dec 1998  at Trichy.  The Theme of the Convention was  “Management Accountants in 21st Century – The Vision and Mission”.


Mr. Balaji Rao    -   1997 - 98

·         Seminar on “ Role of Cost and Management Accountants in building up a competitive India” was  held on 30-8-1997 at Chennai.   Shri T.S. Krishna Murthy, Secretary.  DCA, Mininstry of Finance, Govt. of India was Chief Guest.

·         Regional Cost Convention  was held at Bangalore in   Nov 1997. Theme –

o    “ Interdependence – The Challenge of WTO’,  inaugurated by Shri R.V. Desh Pande, Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries, Govt. of Karnataka.


Mr. M. Gopalakrishnan   -  1996 - 97

·         International Cost Congress on “Total Cost Management’ was  organised by CII in Technical Collaboration with SIRC of ICWAI  in October 1996.  Key Note Address was given by Dr. Peter P.B. Turney.

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Coimbatore in   Feb 1997 .   Theme -  “ Vision 2001 – Success through Total Cost Management”.

·         A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SIRC of ICWAI & IIT


Mr. A.N.S. Poduval -  1995 - 96

·         Regional Cost Conference  held at Cochin in  January 1996.   Theme -  “ Challenges in Cost Management in Global Economy”. It was Inaugurated  by  Shri C.V. Padma Rajan, Hon’ble Minister for Finance, Govt. of Kerala.

·         LAN System was  introduced at SIRC.

·         Pennar Chapter at Nellore  was inaugurated.

·         ICWAI Qualification was  recognised by Madras University for enrolling for  Ph.D.,

·         Cost Survey was  conducted in 20 Auto Ancillary Units.

·         ICWAI – CII  MoU signed


B.R. Nagaraja -    1994 - 95

·         37th National Cost Convention was  held at   Madras on the Theme’ “Cost Management – Vision 2000” in  Jan 1995.  Hon’ble Minister of State for SSI and Rural Industies, Govt. of India Shri M. Arunachalam ,  inaugurated.

·         Regional Cost Convention was  held in    Dec 1994 . Theme -  “Economic Reforms -  Reorientation  through Strategic Cost Management”.

·         Many Seminars & PD Programmes were also organised.


Mr. B.V. Ramana Murty  -  1993 – 94 

·         Andhra Pradesh  Govt.  issued Orders for  appointing  practicing  Cost accountants  as Internal Auditors in State Govt. Undertakings.

·         Regional Cost Conference  held in  Dec 1993  at Hyderabad under the  Theme of the Conference was “Quality & Cost Strategies – Global Perspectives”.   Shri Ram Gopal Chowdary, Hon’ble  Minister  for Industries, Govt. of A.P.  inaugurated. 

·         Work Shop on “Bench Marking – As a Tool for Total Quality and Cost Mgmt.” and many other Seminars were conducted.

·         Research Studies/Monograph on Cotton, Textile, Paper, Cement and Sugar Industries  were taken up.


Mr. A.N. Raman   -  1992 – 93

·         Regional Cost Convention in January 1993 at Neyveli.  His Excellency Dr. Har Swaroop Singh  Lft. Governor of Pondicherry inaugurated.

·         New Chapters constituted at Rajamundry (Godavari Chapter) and Tuticorin (Nellai-Pearl City Chapter). 

·         Tamil Nadu Govt. issued  Orders for appointing     Practising  Cost Accountants as Internal Auditors in State Govt. Undertakings.

·         Transport Dept. Govt. of Tamilnadu Awarded assignment on Introduction of Activity Based Uniform Accounting System in all Transport Undertakings.


Mr. K.R.S. Sastry     - 1991 – 92 

·         Regional Cost Convention was  held in January,  1992 at Chennai.   Theme -    “Liberalisation & Globalisation  & Role of Cost & Management Accountants”.

·         New Chapters were constituted at Visakhapatnam (Ukkunagaram), Pondicherry & Kothagudem.

·         IDBI’s Programme on ‘Capital Investments’  was held.

·         Chapter Meets at Neyveli, Ranipet, Trichy and Coimbatore were conducted.

·         Joint Programmes  on ‘Exchange Risk Management’ organised by SIRC & CITI Bank were held at Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore in June 1991  


Mr. N.P. Sukumaran    1990 – 91

·         33rd National Convention of Management Accountants was held at Bangalore in October, 1991  Shri K.H. Patil,  Hon’ble Minister . For Co-operation, Govt. of Karnataka inaugurated.  This was the first ever time the NCC Venue was shifted away from Chennai.

·         Regional Cost Conference was  held in  November 1990 at Trivandrum.


Mr. K.S. Ganapathi,   1989 – 90

·         Regional Cost Conference was held at Coimbatore in   Jan 1988.    Theme  -  “Emerging Trends in Corporate Sector”. 

·         New Buidling  ‘Grahapravesam’ of ICWAI Bhavan held on 23-3-1990.  His Excellency Dr. P.C. Alaxandar, Governor of Tamilnadu declared open the new building.


Mr. H.R. Subramanya 1988 – 89  *

·         Regional Cost Conference was held in  Bangalore in September1998 .   Theme -   “Emerging Technologies vis-à-vis the National Economy”.  

·         Research Studies / Monographs on 1. Published Accounts – Making them more Communicative.  2.  Cost Audit Report –Income Tax Assessment  3.  Energy Management  4. Guidelines on revival of sick industries were published. 

·         New Building for Trivandrum  Chapter was inaugurated in May 1988.


Mr. B. Sundaresan   1987 – 88  *

·         Regional Cost Conference was held at Hyderabad in March, 1988.   Theme -  “ Resources Management – Challenges Ahead”.

·         Discussion on Union Budget 1988-89 was held on 8th March, 1988.  Shri C. Subramaniam, Former Union Minister addressed the members.

·         Computer Training for students was commenced at SIRC.

·         Practitioners’ Meet was held at Pondicherry on 21st February, 1988.


Mr. A. Madhavan   -  1986 -87

·         29th National Cost Convention on “Changing Environment – Challenges to the Accounting Profession” was held in Chennai  Feb 1987.  Hon’ble  Thiru  R. Prabhu,  Minister of State for Fertilizers, Govt. of India inaugurated.  Hon’ble Thiru K. Rajaram, Industries Minister, Govt. of Tamilnadu was Chief Guest.  

·         Regional Cost Convention was  held at Trichy  in  Dec 1986.     Theme  -   “Basic Future Information Technology”.

·         Workshop on MODVAT and many Seminars and Professional Development  Programmes were conducted. 

·         Computer Appreciation Programme for students commenced.


Mr. S. Sankaranarayanan  -  1985 - 86

·         Regional Cost Conference was held  at Cochin. The Theme of the Conference was     “Effectiveness of Cost Accounting”  

·         Audit  Training Programmes for Cauveri Engg. Trichy, Customs Officials Chennai, Airport Authority Chennai, NLC etc. were  organised.

·         3rd V. Basavaraju Memorial Lecture by Mr. Joseph L Brumit, USA – Feb 1986.


Mr. P.A.P. Murthy ,   1984 – 85

·         Regional Cost Convention was  held in Dec 1984 at Madurai. The  Theme of the Convention was   “ New Approach to Resources Management”.

·         Many PD Activities,  Continuing Education Programme  on “Information Technology – New Direction and Emphasis,   Seminars on Cement Industry”, “New Dimensions in Budgeting” etc.  were  organised.

·         Training Programme for Salem Steel Plant,  BHEL Trichy,  Trichy Re-Rolling Mills, AP Papers Mills, KCP Limited etc. were organised.


M. Gajarajan     1983 – 84  *

·         Regional Cost Convention was held at Hyderabad  in January, 1984 .   Theme -  “Emerging Trends in Capital Financing”.

·         State Level Meeting of Cost Accountants held at Trivandrum , Kerala  on 17th April, 1983.

·         Training Programme for Excise Officers at Chennai, for Finance Dept. Officials at Bangalore, Karnataka were held.


M.J.  Gopalakrishnan    1982 - 83

·         Silver Jubilee National Cost Conference & 1st South East Asian Cost and Management Accountants Convention were  held at Chennai in  January, 1983,  inaugurated by Dr. V.R. Nedunchezian, Minister  of Finance, Govt. of Tamilnadu.

·         1st V. Basavaraju Memorial Lecture by Prof. John O’ Millar was held at Hotel Banjara, Hyderabad 


Mr. G.N.Venkataraman    1981 - 82

·         Regional Cost Conference was held in  January, 1982 at Bangalore.   Theme - “ Corporate Survival and its Growth – Changing Conditions”  inaugurated by Shri M. Veerappa Moily, Hon’ble Minister for Finance and Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka.

·         Training Programme for Central Excise Officials, CEP on “Cost and Mgmt. Audit”, “Balance Sheet  Analysis” & “Interpretation and Manufacturing Costs and Profits” etc. were organised.

·         Practising Cost Accountants Convention was held at Coimbatore.


Mr. K. Narayan Rao  -  1980 – 81

·         A Chapters’ Meet of the Southern Constituency was organised  at Hotel Ashoka on 8th August, 1980.

·         A Members’ Meet was organised on 19th August, 1980 at Hotel Connemara, Madras.

·         A Six day Training Programme on ‘Cost Accounting’ was organised at Regional Training Institute,  Directorate of Training, Madras between 24 – 29  November, 1980.

·         A Practitioners’ Meet was held at the Senate Hall of Shri Venkateswara University in March, 1981.


Mr. N.P. Gopalakrishnan   1979 – 80   *

·         A Practicing Cost Accountants Convention was held at Chennai at Hotel President in  July, 1979.

·         A Grand Felicitation Meet was organised at Hotel Woodlands, Madras on 29th July, 1979.

·         SIRC has undertaken the responsibility to distribute the study materials direct to the students under Postal Coaching Scheme.

·         SIRC celebrated Silver Jubilee of its Coaching Activities on 1st March, 1980  at Rani Seethai Hall, Madras.


Mr. A.V. Satyanarayana Rao    1978 – 79   * 

·         An Interaction Meet was organised on 3rd July, 1978  at Hotel Ashoka where Shri P. Krishna Murthi, Secretary, Dept. of Company Affairs and Chairman, Company Law Board was the Chief Guest.

·         A Practising Cost Accountants Convention was held in  July 1978 at Bangalore.

·         A Bankers’ Meet was organised on 10th February,. 1979 at Hotel Connemara, Madras.

·         21st National Cost Conference was held at Chennai in February,  1979. His Excellency Shri Prabudas Patwari , Governor of Tamil Nadu, inaugurated the event.

·         A Deans’ Meet was organised on 11th February, 1979 so as to create an awareness  among the academics for ICWAI.


Mr. S. Ramanathan  -  1977 – 78 *

·         7th Regional Cost Conference was held at Hyderabad in  February 1978 which was inaugurated by Swamy Ranganathanandha, President, Ramakrishna Mission, Hyderabad.

·         New Building for Bangalore Chapter was declared opened on April 8, 1978 by Shri D. Devaraj Urs, Chief Minister of Karnataka. 

·         Seminars held on Economic Accounting , Social Audit etc.,


Mr. V.S. Chakrapani  -      Feb 1977 – July 1977

·         Approval obtained  for conducting Oral Coaching  and conducting ICWAI  Exams at Trichy. 

·         Sixth Regional Cost Conference was held in Visakhapatnam in February 1977 which was inaugurated by  Shri A.K. Biswas, President, ICWAI.

·         Seminars held on ‘Value Added Tax’, ‘Project Evaluation and Cost Management & Cost of Capital’   

·         Trichy Chapter building was declared open.

·         Recently, an Air-conditioned Hall named as  “V.S. Chakrapani Hall” was also declared opened at Trichy Chapter.


Mr. D.S. Somayajulu   1976 – 77    *

·         The 6th Regional Cost Convention was held at Visakhapatnam in February, 1977.

·         The First Inter Chapters’ Rolling Shield Debate was organised and Madras Student had bagged the first prize. (Mr. K. Sheik Ahmed)

·         A New Chapter was inaugurated at Kottayam which is the 43rd Chapter of ICWAI.

·         SIRC organised a sizeable number of Seminars and monthly meetings during this tenure.


Mr. A. Vasudevan   1975-76   *

·         The First Southern India Costing Students’ Seminar was organised at SIRC in July, 1975 and the Theme was ‘Deficit Finance for Developing Economy’.

·         Annexe Building of SIRC was inaugurated on 19th July, 1975  by Shri S.J. Sadiq Batcha, Hon’ble Minister for Industries and Electricity, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

·         A Regional Cost Conference was held in July 1975 at Bangalore  which was inaugurated by Shri M.Y. Ghorpade, Hon’ble Minister for Finance, Govt. of Karnataka.

·         A Chapters’ Meet was organised on 24th January, 1976 at Chennai.

·         Regional Cost Conference was held at Cochin in January, 1976 on the Theme ‘Cost Reduction’.


Mr. N.G. Raghavendra Rao,    (1974-75)   *

·         Contribution to the inception of Bangalore Chapter and developed the same.

·         Responsible for starting Oral Coaching Classes first in Karnataka.

·         17th All India Cost Conference at Chennai in  Jan 1975 , Inaugurated by His Excellency K.K. Shah, Governor of Tamilnadu.


Mr. S. Suryanarayanan  -  1973-74

·         Trichy & Madurai Chapters have jointly organised Regional Cost Convention in  October, 1973.

·         Proposal made for expansion of SIRC building to provide addl. 6000 Sq ft including Library Hall & General Hall for Members.

·         Seminars on Divisional Performance Appraisal, Profit Planning etc. were  organised


Mr. V. Basavaraju     1972-73  *

·         A  Regional Cost Conference  was held in September, 1972 on the Theme ‘Capital Management’.  The Conference was inaugurated by His Excellency K.K. Shah, Governor of Tamilnadu.

·         A New Examination Centre was established at Cochin.

·         Dr. J.M.S. Risk, Past President, ICMA – UK visited SIRC.

·         A proposal was made for expanding the premises of SIRC.


Mr. R. Bhojarajan   1971 – 72  *

·         The 4th Regional Cost Conference was held at Hyderabad in  November, 1971 and the Theme was ‘Beyond the Frontiers’

·         The Tamil Nadu Govt. had issued a G.O. enabling Cost Accountants to appear on behalf of assessees for the purpose of Tamil Nadu Central Sales Tax.

·         An Inter Chapter Essay Competition was organised.

·         A plea was placed before the Govt. of Tamil Nadu to recognize Cost Accountants at par with Chartered Accountants for the purpose of employment.


Mr. V. Kalyanaraman   -  1970-71  

·         13th National Cost Convention was held at Madras in Feb 1971.  Theme “Meet the Challenge of the Future”.  Inauguration by Shri T.A. Pai, Chairman, LIC of India.  Presided by D.C. Kothari, President, FICCI.

·         For the first ever time the Concept of ‘Sponsorship’ was introduced to support the National Cost Convention financially.

·         Third Regional Cost Convention held on 24th October  at Bangalore which was inaugurated by Shri M. Rajasekhara Murthy, Minister of Industies,  Mysore.

·         New Property at No. 8, Montieth Lane was  registered on 8th July, 1970.

·         Oral coaching for Final students commenced at SIRC, Chennai.


Mr. K.E.S. Gulam Mohideen  1968 – 70 *

·         The first News Bulletin of SIRC was released and it was well received by the members.

·         The first Regional Cost Conference in Madras was held in  March, 1969.

·         The library services were extended to the members as well.

·         The Silver Jubilee of the Madras District Society of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants was celebrated.

·         On 8th July 1970 a building was purchased for SIRC.


Mr. M. Venkateswaran  1967-68  *

·         The National Cost Convention was organised at Madras in December 1967.

·         Thrust was given to the Oral Coaching and many new batches were formed.

·         The provisions for library were expanded further.

·         Good employment opportunities were created for absorbing the cost accountants.


Mr. V.K. Srinivasan   1959 – 67

·         The Founder Chairman of the Southern India Regional Council of the ICWAI.

·         First ever time apart from Chennai, Bangalore was declared as Examination Centre.

·         The 4th  All India Cost Convention and the first  Cost Convention after the enactment of the Act was held at Chennai in February, 1960. 

·         At Visakhapatnam a new centre was opened.

·         The 8th All India Cost Convention was again organised   in  March 1965 at Hotel Dharmaprakash, Chennai.  It was inaugurated by Hon’ble Thiru C. Baktavatchalam, Chief Minister of Madras.