Past President - ICAI

Mr. G N Venkataraman (2009-10)

  •   ICWAI was awarded "Corporate Excellence Award" at the hands of Her Excellency Mrs. Pratibha Tai Patil, President of India.  

  •   Application of Cost Accounting Standards made mandatory w.e.f. accounting period commencing on or after 1st April, 2010 for the preparation and certification of General purpose Cost Accounting Statements.  

  •   ICWAI signs MOU with CBEC on 13th April, 2010 to set up ACES Certifying Filing Centres (CFCs) across the country  

  •   The name change of ICWAI received support of MCA and accent of the cabinet committee.A Bill was introduced in Rajya Sabha to this effect.

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    Dr. H. R. Subramanya (2004-05) *

  •   The Institute constituted a Working Group under the Chairmanship of Dr. D. Jagannathan to study the Dr. Irani Committees Report on rationalization of Company Law.

  •   Monographs released on Code of Ethics, Competency Mapping & Gap Analysis, Efficacy of Cost Audit & Industry Perspectives, Valuation Audit, CENVAT credit Rules, Fields for Parishioners, Value Added Tax.

  •   Diamond Jubilee Programmes organised at Regional Head Quarters.

  •   The Diamond Jubilee of ICWAI was celebrated all over the Regional Councils and Chapters and at Kolkata.

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    Mr. B. V. Ramana Murty (2002-03)

  •   Telecom, Petroleum & Plantation Industry came under the purview of Cost Accounting Record Rules & Statutory Cost Audit. Accountants recognized as exclusive professional experts for certifying cost under the New Central Excise Valuation Rules.

  •   Empowerment received by way of amendment to the Import Export Handbook of Procedures, to certify Export Earnings in Foreign Exchange.

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    Mr. N. P. Sukumaran (1996-97)

  •   Recognition granted to ICWAI for registration in PhD of Madurai Kamaraj & Vidyasagar University

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    Mr. S. Ramanathan (1987-88) *

  •   The text of notification covering the 36 Industries for Cost Accounting Record Rules had been published in the Gazette of the Government of India, whereby Cost Accounting Record Rules would be maintained by the Formulation Industry.  

  •   Guidelines on Management Accounting No.1-Capacity Determination have been published.

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    Mr. A. V. S. Rao (1986-87) *

  •   Institute had given the comment to draft Cost Accounting Record Rules for Bulk Drug Formulations.

  •   Decisions were taken to set up computer centres in all four regions.

  •   Institute decided a Benevolent Fund scheme for the members from 1st Jan. 1987, there will be life membership Benevolent Fund on onetime payment of Rs. 300.


    Mr. A. V. Ramana Rao (1981-82) *

  •   A massive program of continuing education and management development has been launched and an annual calendar has been published;

  •   A professional brief on "Guidelines to Cost Audit" was brought out;

  •   In the place of Cost Accounting Record Rules for individual industries, the Institute compiled and recommended to the Government Rules for group of industries-engineering industries to start with

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    Mr. V. Basavaraju (1980-81) *

  •   Institute presented the case with the government in regard to different matters related to the profession, particularly for continuous cost audit, for greater involvement of cost and management accountants in different national projects and institution and the utilization of cost data for national decision making.

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    Mr. S Suryanarayanan (1978-79)

  •   Talks concluded with Institutes of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh & Pakistan.

  •   The Department of Tourism, Government of India accepted that Cost Accountants are eligible to certify the Hotel Tariffs required by the Department.  

  •   Received a request for enlistments of personnel for a very large Government Understanding and Training Institute in Zambia and to organize seminars on Cost audit in Tanzania.

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    Mr. M. Srinivasa Rao (1975-76)

  •   Two overseas centres were opened - Tanzania & Zambia.

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    Mr. V Kalyanaraman (1974-75)

  •   He has the distinction of being the Youngest president of the Institute.

  •   The First President from CMA Bodies in South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA)

  •   The signatory to the constitution and formation of Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA),International federation of Accountants (IFAC) and South Asian federation of Accountants (SAFA)

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    Mr. V. K. Srinivasan (1965-66) *

  •   Amendment to Companies Act, 1956, introduced a new section making provision for audit of cost accounts, in case of need, of companies engaged in specific activities.  

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    Mr. V. Srinivasan (1962-63) *

  •   The Council's delegate, Shri R. K. Ojha, FICWA, participated in the Eighth International Congress of Accountants which was held in New York from 23rd to 27th September, 1962.

  •   Delegates of the Institute, Shri N.K. Roy, and Shri T.K. Biswas, participated in the Third Asian and Pacific Accounting Conference, held in Tokyo in October, 1962.

  •   Shri. G. Basu, Past President, ICWA, was elected as Member of Parliament in the General Election held in February, 1962.

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